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Ever travelled to Spain? Then you probably already know about Don Simon. The megabrand of wines, Sangria and juices that is available all over Spain. In Sweden, we are on an amazing journey with Don Simon and our friends in the GARCIA-CARRION family. 🌺 Since the start in Sweden of Don Simon Sangria in 2010, we've grown the wine family to include two more Sangrias - the Organic and the Premium. 🍹 Recently, we also introduced the Don Simon Nature wines, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo Rosé. Each wine has its own special expression and is made with care and tradition. 🎨 With the wine quality together with an amazing price, the wines quickly took a place in the heart of the consumers and now in March 2024, we are proud that Don Simon Nature Chardonnay earned its position in the Systembolaget's fixed assortment. 🥂 And just a few weeks ago, we added something special - the Don Simon Seleccion Brut, a bubbly wine that makes any moment special - and affordable. It's made with extra care, from choosing the best grapes to the final bottling, making every sip a celebration. 🍾 At Bibendum, we're proud of our cooperation with García Carrión and we are thrilled to share these wines with you. 🌟 And we are always looking ahead, seeking new ways to innovate and enhance our offerings. Stay tuned for more from Don Simon and Bibendum.

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